The short answer is “log in to” is correct, and “log into” is considered incorrect.

Here is a more detailed explanation of why “log in to” is correct and “log into” is considered incorrect:

“Log in” is a phrasal verb that means to connect to an app, device, or system. For example, you log in to Facebook to check your profile, or you log in to your computer. What is a phrasal verb? Well, a verb is a doing/ action word (such as throw, catch, read). Specifically, a phrasal verb means when two or more separate words are combined to describe an action. So “Log in” is two separate words that, when combined, have a specific meaning (which we just explained, i.e. to connect to an app, device, or system).

So consider “log in” as a phrasal verb, meaning it is one unit despite being two words. That is why the preposition “to” goes after “log in” to make “log in to” the correct choice rather than “log into”.

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