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Welcome To Express Proofreading

Professional, In-House English Proofreading Services

Express Proofreading is a leading English proofreading service, we provide professional in-house proofreading services to academics and to businesses of all sizes. We also provide full service copywriting and application review services. To ensure the highest standard of quality and service, all of our proofreaders and editors have attained a minimum of a Masters/PhD qualification from leading British Universities, and have at least three years of experience proofreading and editing writing. Due to our expertise and the diversity of our editors we are able to offer a range of proofreading services to meet the needs of all clients, at varying prices.

At Express Proofreading we offer three types of proofreading services; basic proofreading, proofreading and editing, as well as heavy editing. We are able to offer our proofreading services at varying turnaround times, such as our Express service, with a 6 hour turnaround time. All of our turnaround times are guaranteed, if we fail to meet a selected turnaround time, we will provide a full refund and offer to proofread your next document of an equal size for FREE! We also uniquely offer a free sample service so you can see how we can help and be assured of our quality standards prior to placing your order.

Placing an order with us is easy, simply visit the Instant Quote page. Select the particular proofreading service that you require, followed by the turnaround time, then upload your document and our Quote Generator will calculate an individual, personalised quote for you based upon the word count of your document. Once your order is placed, our editors will begin work proofreading your document straight away and return the proofread copy to you within your selected timeframe. For a reliable, professional, express proofreading service try us today!

Academic Proofreading

Express Proofreading provides a comprehensive academic proofreading service for students, senior academics, research students and professors. Our proofreading services cover all academic disciplines by matching your document to an editor with the relevant background and experience in your field. We offer three levels of proofreading services; basic proofreading, proofreading & editing, as well as heavy editing...

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Business Proofreading

Express Proofreading provides professional business proofreading services for all types of businesses across a variety of different sectors and industries from small businesses, governmental departments, Universities, banking and financial institutions to novelists. We work with businesses to proofread their web content, marketing material, company reports as well as other commercial and company documents...

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Content Creation

The online world is increasingly fundamental to the success of many businesses, having a strong online presence ensures that you are able to appeal to a wider global audience. The key to attracting new customers and developing your brand online is to have high quality, unique and original content. Express Proofreading provides a high quality copywriting service for businesses across a variety of sectors...

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Application Review

Express Proofreading offers application review services to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd. Having a compelling and engaging CV is key to any successful job application. Our expert proofreaders and editors will thoroughly review your CV and or cover letter and will send you a personalised report upon completion...

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