Professional Legal Proofreading

Founded by lawyers, Express Proofreading has a particular expertise in legal proofreading. For people in the legal sector from students, academics, to practising lawyers, attention to detail is paramount. As the wording and interpretation of legal documents can have significant consequences if not correct. This is why our legal proofreading is carried out by individuals with a legal background who understand the subject matter and can thus proofread and edit to ensure that your text is not only grammatically correct, but is also conveying what you intend to.

Our Experienced Legal Editors

Legal ProofreaderWe pride ourselves on offering a truly unique proofreading service, as all legal documents are proofread by editors with legal backgrounds. We will ensure that your work is not only free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but we will also work with you to provide you with a truly personalised legal proofreading service.

High Quality Legal Proofreading

Due to the expertise of our editors we are able to ensure that your legal document is free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, we will also check syntax, sentence structure and are able to recommend improvements and suggestions that are relevant to the context and style of your legal document.

All of our legal editors have had experience at some stage producing dissertations, assignments, projects and legal documents, for this reason we are able to offer the best service. Over the years we have helped numerous educational organisations, governmental departments, small businesses, as well as many law firms and in-house legal teams. Our aim is to become part of your team to deliver a smooth, seamless and efficient service.

Specialised Legal Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading a legal document requires particular expertise, an understanding of the terminology, as well as an awareness of the industry norms and style requirements. At Express Proofreading our legal editors have years of prior experience working in the legal industry and as such have excellent attention to detail when proofreading.

Instant Quote & Easy, Secure Order Process

At Express Proofreading we are able to accommodate bespoke projects and offer a discount for larger projects, simply contact a member of our customer services team to discuss your particular requirements.

It is our aim that our legal proofreading service can provide you with the same level of dedication and commitment as your existing team, you will be assigned a specific legal editor who will be able to work with you, assisting you in accordance to your requirements and deadlines.

For a professional, reliable legal proofreading service place your order today. Visit our Instant Quote page and upload your content and our quote generator will provide you with an individual quote based upon the word count of your document. Once you are happy with your quote you can place your order on our secure checkout page.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your requirements please give us a call or email us today.