English is a complex language with many subtleties and variations. Anyone learning English may find certain phrases that do not mean what they appear to mean confusing at first. Such phrases which are not literal, however are common expressions are known as common idioms. This article will assist you with learning and comprehending the ten most common idioms used in everyday use alongside their intended meanings.

Ten common idioms utilized in everyday expressions:

1. Piece of cake – The ‘piece of cake’ is alluding to something that is simple or possible. You utilize this when you discover that something is simple or easy to carry out.

2. Break a leg – This is one of the common idioms which may sound strange at first, however again it does not mean what it suggests. Break a leg implies good fortunes or wishing luck. It is utilized as a well wish in respect of circumstances that need it.

3. Hit the books – Have you heard local speakers in your class utilize this phrase? If yes, here is what it means. It intends and refers to studying. An example of its use is as follows;

Use: I’m going to rest for the time being. I will most likely hit the books at night.

4. Let the cat out of the bag – Why might anybody put a feline into the sack in any case? Well, stress not; the feline is alright! ‘Let the cat out of the bag’ really intends to uncover a mystery that should be kept a mystery. It is one of the common idioms.

5. Hit the nail on the head – This is utilized to say that the individual is absolutely right.

6. Don’t judge a book by its cover– Sounds confounded; however it gets more straightforward as and when you comprehend it. It basically means do not be judgmental, particularly based on external perceptions.

7. Bite more than you can chew – This is a popular expression that is utilized when a person takes up more obligation than he/she can complete.

8. Hear it from the horse’s mouth – This is one of the major common idioms that means to hear the news straight from the source’s mouth.

9. Speak of the devil– When the individual you have recently been discussing arrives.

10. Feeling under the weather– This phrase is utilized when you feel a bit low because of health issues.

The above list are some of the most common idioms used, there are many more. However you will know now the purposes of idioms and have a better understanding of their intentions.

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