Proofreading your PhD can be a difficult task, after months of research and putting your research to paper, proofreading can seem like a laborious task. Especially since you will be so familiar with the content that you may find it difficult to spot even the most obvious of errors. In this post, we provide five key tips to help you proofread your PhD.

Take a break

If you are close to the deadline for submitting your PhD the last thing you want to do is to proofread your PhD while you are tired and fatigued. Having some rest will allow you to gain your energy and focus back. It will also allow you to look at your work with a fresh pair of eyes. As often people can become accustomed to their work and writing style glossing over errors.

Read it aloud

Trying to pronounce the words will make you more effective at spotting potential flaws. As the sound of your own voice will help you to focus on the words and notice any errors. It will also help you to better focus on whether the points you are making are logical as often when we hear words and phrases aloud they can sound different to how we imagined.

Make a list of errors

You may also find it helpful to make a list of mistakes that you have spotted. Most people will repeat the same mistakes over and over again, making a list will allow you to spot the mistakes you repeatedly make, helping you to avoid them in the future. This will also make you better at spotting those mistakes further down the text.

Double Check

An immense amount of research and work goes into writing a PhD, however people often leave checking it to the last minute. Ultimately the way it is presented can have a big impact on the reader, seeing mistakes also creates a negative impression and can affect your credibility as the author. This is why it is essential that you allow enough time for proofreading your PhD. Check your PhD, take a break then proofread it again. Until it is perfect keep repeating this process, as your PhD once out there cannot be changed, so you have to get it right!

Second Opinion

It is sometimes helpful to get a second opinion, you may find that you have checked your work numerous times and just as a precaution you want to get the advice of a third party. Having friends and family proofread your PhD can be one option, you can also ask your tutors. After exhausting such options you should also consider using a professional proofreading service, who are trained in meticulously proofreading PhD’s.

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