Medicine Personal Statement Review



Our Medicine personal statement editing service is designed to be as helpful as possible to give you the best possible chance of making a great impression when applying for admission to medical school. We ensure this by providing a fully comprehensive service that includes:

1. Statement Analysis. Your personal statement will be reviewed by two members of our team. Initially one of our in-house editors will review and proofread your personal statement to ensure that it reads grammatically correct and edit it accordingly, they will examine the spelling, grammar and punctuation, structure and style. Following this one of our partner Doctors will review your personal statement line by line. They will examine and focus upon your factual content, description of your personal strengths and academic achievements, and your reasons for wanting to study medicine.

2. Expert’s Notes. On a separate page, our reviewers will provide an explanation of every change that they have made.

3. Finished Statement. You will be provided with a finished version of your personal statement that incorporates all the changes recommended into the text.


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