Book Editing Services

Express Proofreading is specialist in-house English proofreading and editing service and provides proofreading and editing services for academics, businesses and authors.

Professional Book Editing

We provide a professional book and manuscript proofreading and editing service. Our book editors have years of experience proofreading and editing books, novels and manuscripts, using their attention to detail and expertise they will ensure that your work is flawless and ready for publication. We understand the pressures authors face when preparing works for publication, often this can be a long and arduous process.

Our professional book editing service can help ensure that you have someone who understands what you are trying to achieve assist you along this process. Our service not only includes proofreading but we will also provide feedback and suggestions that may be relevant to your work, and also edit accordingly, providing you with a truly personalised and bespoke service.

Qualified & Experienced Editors

As a specialist proofreading and editing service, we maintain our quality and standards by ensuring that all of our editors have the highest levels of expertise. To ensure this, as a minimum all of our editors hold Masters/PhD qualifications, from leading British universities and have extensive experience proofreading and editing books and manuscripts.

Throughout the book proofreading and editing process, our editors will be in constant communication with you, updating you as to the progress and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Instant Quote & Easy Secure Order Process

If you wish to place an order for our proofreading and editing service, please visit our ‘Instant Quote’ page and upload your work. Once your order is placed we will receive your work, will assign one of our specialist book editors to your project. They will then contact you and confirm an exact turnaround time with you. Alternatively, you can contact us prior to placing your order to obtain an exact turnaround time for your work.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please give us a call today or email us. Alternatively, please click below to obtain an instant quote.