Medical Sciences Proofreading Services

We specialise in providing proofreading and editing services to academics, individuals and businesses across the globe. We have particular expertise in the medical sciences. This is because we have a variety of editors who have backgrounds in these fields and understand the subjects thoroughly.

Why Choose Us

All of our editors are native English speakers and are based in the UK.

Our proofreaders have at least a Masters/PhD qualification from a Russel Group UK university.

Our service is fully secure and confidential all documents are treated sensitively.

Our proofreaders are subject specialists, with strong backgrounds in medical sciences.

Academic Proofreading for Medical Sciences

Academic proofreading for medical science subjects requires expertise and academic editors who have the relevant backgrounds and qualifications in these fields. Our academic proofreaders are subject specialists and are able to ensure your academic work from Masters dissertation’s to PhD theses are proofread to the highest standards. You can find out more about our academic proofreading services by visiting the academic proofreading page.

Business Proofreading for Medical Sciences

Our business proofreading services are aimed to assist businesses of all sizes perfect their content needs. We often work with businesses in these fields and help them to perfect their company reports, marketing and sales material, as well as business correspondence. Whatever your particular requirements rest assured we will work with you throughout the process. Our editors are highly qualified with backgrounds in the medical sciences so are ideally suited to helping you perfect your content.

The Proofreading Services That we Offer

We provide 3 levels of proofreading services for medical sciences documents. This includes our basic proofreading which is aimed at correcting minor errors from spelling, punctuation to typographical errors. Whereas, our proofreading and editing service is our comprehensive service which aims at also correcting grammatical issues, syntax, sentence structure and coherency of your text. The heavy editing service is our third level which covers the same comprehensive issues as the proofreading and editing service with the difference being that this is aimed at texts which require greater than average time making such changes.

Obtain a Quote for our Proofreading Service

To obtain a quote for our proofreading service whether that is for our academic or business proofreading services, simply visit the Instant Quote page. Select the service you require, followed by the turnaround time you require, then upload your document and our Quote Generator will calculate an individual quote for you based upon the word count of your document.